ROSE リポジトリいばらき ( 茨城大学学術情報リポジトリ ) Title アーネスト サトウ 会話篇 Part II 訳注稿 ( 補遺 ) Author(s) 櫻井, 豪人 Citation 茨城大学人文学部紀要. 人文コミュニケーション学科論集, 14: Issue Date

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1 ROSE リポジトリいばらき ( 茨城大学学術情報リポジトリ ) Title アーネスト サトウ 会話篇 Part II 訳注稿 ( 補遺 ) Author(s) 櫻井, 豪人 Citation 茨城大学人文学部紀要. 人文コミュニケーション学科論集, 14: Issue Date URL Rights このリポジトリに収録されているコンテンツの著作権は それぞれの著作権者に帰属します 引用 転載 複製等される場合は 著作権法を遵守してください お問合せ先 茨城大学学術企画部学術情報課 ( 図書館 ) 情報支援係

2 アーネスト サトウ 会話篇 PartⅡ 訳注稿 ( 補遺 ) Part Part Part 1. 略語一覧 abbreven./abbrevn. abbreviation acc. to according to accentd. accented adj. adjective adv. adverb c the word of Chinese origin caus. causative cf. confer Chin. Chinese comp./compd. compound conc. concessive cond./condition. conditional contr./contrn. contraction desid. desiderative Dict. Dictionary Engl. English equivt. equivalent exclam. exclamation exprn. expression fr. from i.e. id est ibid. ibidem 14, pp

3 120 imperat. imperative indic. indicative interj. interjection intrans. intransitive i.v. intransitive verb Introd. Introduction Jap. Japanese lity. lit. translate literally literal translation literal meaning neg. negative nom. nominative pass. passive perh. perhaps pr. provincialism prob. probable prob. probably pronunc. pronunciation pres. present q.v. quod vide sent. sentence subst. substantive syll. syllable syn. synonym t.v. transitive verb termn. termination v. vide v.i. verb intransitive vulg. vulgar 2. 原語と訳語との対応 2.1. conjugation inflection particle

4 Part 121 particle particle 2.2. written language written language p.167 literary style 15 1 literary style 15 1 colloquial language written language colloquial p.167 spoken language 1 19 p.167 spoken language colloquial language archaic word u a areru 8 1

5 old word archaic vulgar vulg. slang slang expression jaw 9 34 to spot provincialism pr. syllable syll. accent emphasis stress accent, emphasis, stress accent form substitute paradigm conjugation, conjugate inflection, inflect conjugation inflection p.168 base negative base conditional base root indicative present imperative

6 Part 123 root adverbial form root of an adjective adjective root demonstrative root past present pres. future present tense frequentative to do p.169 continuative continuative present continuative past continuative participle continuative present to be continuative participle 5 7 participle

7 124 perfect perfect participle perfect participle Part Which is the longest? participle indicative indic. conditional condition. probable prob. concessive imperative imperat. desiderative desid. hypothetical conditional present hypothetical conditional past p Aston 2 p.35 Satow Aston potential potential used as a potential Part

8 Part areru active passive pass. causative caus. intransitive verb i.v. verb intransitive v.i. transitive verb t.v. intransitive form 2 16 Part Can t you sell it? potential u -eru to open to open

9 126 neg. negative negative participle adjective desiderative adjective pronominal adjective desiderative adjective, pronominal adjective 3 24 adjective root, root of an adjective root adverbial form adverb p participle participle verbal form is cheap 1 14 USED AS A VERB attributive form attributive attribute, attributive form conditional form Condition. Pres. Nakeria Condition. Past desiderative adjective

10 Part p an adjectival termn. expressing desirability termination pronominal adjective pronominal adjective adverb adv. I adverbial form participle + adverbial form 5 7 attribute attributive form attributive form 21 3 attributive form generic generic particle 7 19 possessive possessive particle 1 19 possessive case pronominal adjective demonstrative demonstrative root

11 thus demonstrative particle 9 1 Q. particle noun substantive subst. noun 1 5 from 1 13 inside, house, home front noun substantive abstract noun concrete noun nominative nom nominative nominative subject nominative case subject predicate exclamation exclam. eh!

12 Part =come along! interjection interj here! interjection exclamation expletive an emphatic expletive a mere expletive expletive numeral auxiliary numeral ordinal numbers particle 1 5 particle prefix 6 22 prefix honorific particle prefix 1 5 particle particle particle prefix 9 1 demonstrative particle L. demonstrative particle prefix suffix

13 particle 1 5 particle termination termn. adjectival termination 1 9 adverbial termination 4 3 very ish adjectival termination 19 4 having the air of compound termination compound comp. / compd. compose, composition compound compound 2 43 price to cut 5 3 e a 6 47 compound verb compd. verb auxiliary verb honorific honorific honorific verb

14 Part honorific sense 2 20 an honorific polite form areru honorific polite politeness honorific polite respect courteous, courtesy polite, politeness polite form p.167, p polite courteous

15 polite form areru Hoffmann p.245 p.244 polite form The language of courtesy, which gives to the predicate verb the passive form Satow Hoffmann courtesy polite areru c Part p.1 c Denotes that the word is of Chinese origin. Chinese Chin. Japanese Jap. English Engl. our correlative either or the former the latter correlative connect with

16 Part equivalent equivt. synonym syn. equivalent synonym intensive intensive force intensive form intensify strengthen intensify emphasis, emphasize emphatic contraction contr./contrn. contracted

17 short abbreviation abbreven./abbrevn

18 Part p.168 ellipsis, elliptical ERRATA goza gozai

19 elide kudas tté a 2 20 p.169 understand, be understood 16 omit omission be dropped q.v. quod vide vide v. see cf. confer ibid. ibidem according to acc. to for stands for 3 34 from fr. from force lity. lit. translate literally literal translation literal meaning 1 3 literal meaning 3 lity. 5 would, would be, might 付記 B