There was once a rich man who had a lazy son. One day, the rich man died, leaving his son a last will and testament. It stated that the father left hi

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1 Advanced Conversation Material #13 Jobs & Motivation Exercise 1: Read Aloud A. Read the article below. (3-4 minutes) 次の文章を読んでください ( 所要時間目安 :3~4 分 ) Achievers Night is next week, right? Yeah. Actually, many employees are looking forward to the event. I think it s a good initiative by the company. P a g e 1

2 There was once a rich man who had a lazy son. One day, the rich man died, leaving his son a last will and testament. It stated that the father left his son ten hectares of land, which held a huge treasure underneath. Out of excitement, the son went out to start digging the land to find the treasure. After a month of digging, he found no treasure. He decided to plant seeds since the land was dug anyway. He hired people to work with him and continued digging and planting for the next two years. However, they still did not find any treasure. Another year passed. No gold, diamonds or anything of the sort was found. But the son was surprised by how the land had transformed. The son never found the treasure his father stated on his will but he continued digging, planting, and eventually farming. The son became motivated to work and found satisfaction with it along the way, and that became his treasure. We need motivation to start something and turn it into a habit. How about you? Are you motivated and satisfied with what you re doing? B. Quick Q&A (2-3 minutes) 1. What motivates you to work? 2. What would make you quit a job? 3. What kind of environment would you like to work in? 4. Would you pursue a low-paying career you enjoy? 5. If you were an employer, how would you ensure your employees satisfaction at work? Give at least one example. P a g e 2

3 Exercise 2: Say It! (3 minutes) Read each word and sample sentence below. Next, use the word in your own sentence. 次の単語と例文を読んでから それぞれの単語を使って自分でも文を作ってみましょう Sample Sentence Your Own Sentence drive 推進する burn out 燃え尽きる career move キャリアチェンジ means to an end 目標達成の手段 career growth キャリアアップ Rewards drive employees to be more productive. 賞与は従業員の生産性を上げる You should take a vacation so you won t get burned out. 休暇を取らないと倒れてしまいますよ Shifting to a job in another industry is a serious career move. 異業種への転職は重大なキャリアチェンジだ He doesn t really enjoy his job. He considers his work just a means to an end. 彼は自分の仕事がさほど好きではない 仕事は目標を達成するための手段にすぎないと考えている His desire for career growth fuels him to work harder. キャリアアップしたいという願望が彼の勤労意欲に火をつける P a g e 3

4 Exercise 3: Complete the Dialogue (5 minutes) Complete the dialogue using your own answers. You can use any of the new vocabulary words and expressions, if possible. 好きな言葉を入れて会話を完成させましょう 今日学習した単語や表現を使っても構いません May I know why you ve decided to leave your job? (pretend that your tutor is your supervisor and you want to resign; tell him/her a good reason why you would like to leave) It will be a great loss for the company if you leave. Does it have anything to do with your motivation and satisfaction at work? (tell your tutor that you don t have problems with the company. then explain to him/her your future career plans) What if we promote you to a higher position? Would that be enough for you to reconsider? (tell your tutor something that will make him/her realize that your decision is already final) It seems like we can t convince you to stay anymore. Thank you for your contributions to the company. I wish you success. (share a final message before you leave the company) P a g e 4

5 Exercise 4: Defend Yourself! (5 minutes) Pick your stand on each of the following items. Explain your choice. Your tutor will be asking follow-up questions. Make sure you can convince him/her! 次のテーマについて あなたの意見に合う考えを選択肢から選び その理由を説明してください それについて講師が質問するので 納得させられるように答えてください OPTION A OPTION B Financial vs. Personal interest I feel motivated to work because of the monetary rewards. My personal interest for my work keeps me motivated. Working with a team vs. Working alone I work better with a team than alone. Working alone makes me more productive and motivated to finish tasks. Recognition of achievements The more people recognize the work I do, the more I feel satisfied. I don t need any recognition to feel satisfied and motivated at work. P a g e 5

6 Exercise 5: Conversation Starter (5 minutes) Pick one of the four scenarios below, and start a conversation with your tutor. 次の 4 つのシナリオから好きなものを選んで講師と会話を始めましょう Tell your tutor what you like about your work. Talk about specific situations at work that motivate you. Pick a career you would like to take on but is totally different from the one you have now. Give reasons why you would like to pursue it. Pretend that you are the supervisor of your tutor. He/she wants to resign because s/he lacks motivation at work. Try to convince him/her to stay. Some say that our career should be in line with our interests. Convince your tutor that someone can be successful in fields they re not interested in. You can cite some well-known people to defend this idea. P a g e 6